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Perspective and GIS: What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System which is an analytic framework from managing and integrating data, solving a problem or understanding a past, present or future situation.

Perspective uses professional GIS dataset validated by GPS systems to visually compare performances of different areas and evaluate or validate these by using demographics.


Perspective and GIS: What is GPS?

GPS – Geographic Positioning System

Maps in Perspective are produced and created by installing a GPS device on a vehicle that runs on the streets nationwide. The GPS device accepts signals and records the exact location of the vehicle every 5 to 10 meter distance traveled.

PERSPECTIVE uses only WGS 84 mapping standard. WGS 84 is used by modern GPS equipment which makes it possible for the data coming from standard handheld GPS equipment to be directly imported into the system.


What is Perspective and how does it work?

PERSPECTIVE is a cost-effective business solution that opens new dimensions on how you understand your business in terms of sales planning, market planning, branch planning, territorial/dealer management, collection/circulation and spotting potential growth areas.


PERSPECTIVE is a business thematic application that seamlessly works with your company’s existing data to maximize the use and value of Location Information that can help your company, both in expansion planning and generating new opportunities in the market. Our product uses demographics that can effectively focus on high density populated areas and compare it with areas which may have potential for growth or areas with minimal potential.


How it works – PERSPECTIVE combines corporate and graphical data to provide managers with visual tools/maps that let them spot growth potentials in terms of sales or branch planning and give them a quick and comprehensive view on how the business is performing. In today’s economic climate, timely decision making is essential, and to make decisions, we need information. Perspective presents you with a unique view of your data, allowing you to focus on the real issues without going through tons of reports.



  • Easily identify potential growth areas separated by color themes by simply looking at the map generated by the system.
  • apable of drilling down on a desired area on a map to view sales/performance per sales man, per product or sales outlet.
  • The use of Data Packs with information on the top 7000 companies and their geographic locations. (These companies which come from all industries can be clients or competitors).
  • Immediately view the value of an area to balance out resources.
  • Create Territories and Routes by plotting in clients, competitors or stores for a quick view on a Map.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of how your business is performing at a glance. (View different branches at the same time, comparing their performances.
  • Faster more informative decision making.



Standard Installation pricing is based on commonly used RDBMS such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and file based database MS Access. Should the Client’s RDBMS be of other types, installation charges shall be further reviewed. Standard Installation requires an existing ERP and RDBMS. The quality of corporate data processed by Perspective depends on the Client’s database quality. The Client’s database should have referential integrity and efficient Indices and Primary Keys.

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