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Perspective Mobile – Field Gear is a field force data collection infrastructure.  It allows its users to collect the following data in real time using a mobile phone.
  1. Sales Calls
  2. Orders
  3. Surveys

Calls vs. Universe

Real time Calls and Orders


GPS Reporting
Every transaction is posted with a GPS position Field Gear will not allow transactions to be posted without it.  Administrators can see where calls, orders and surveys are being done.

Real Time Information
Administrators have the option to choose between sending transactions immediately or wait for a WI-FI spot.

On the fly surveys
Product Managers can do on-the-fly surveys like capturing a competitors reach or current campaign. Field Gear can also be used to gather Account Census.

Web Service API’s
Field Gear also exposes API’s for developers to extract data from it.  This feature can be used if additional and proprietary reports have to be generated out of Field Gear’s raw data.

Multiple Channels
Field Gear can use both GPRS and WI-FI protocols for data transmission.


Field Gear Server
Web Console
Field Gear - Web Services

Field Gear Client
Software installed on mobile phones
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