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The Perspective Mobile – Asset Tracking provides the infrastructure to track mobile assets using GPS devices.  The assets can be vehicles, plant  and equipment or personnel - in summary, any mobile asset can be tracked using Perspective Mobile.


Philippine GPS Grade / GIS Vector Maps
Included in the maintenance package is an update for GPS maps of the entire country which includes roads nationwide, down to tertiary level roads for NCR, Rizal, Cavite, Pampanga, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and many other cities in the Philippines.

GPRS / UDP Based Communications
ATS uses GPRS/UDP protocol for light-weight communications (31 Bytes) per message. 

Higher frequency of Transmission
Since ATS uses very light weight packets, the frequency of position fixes can now be a decision based on operational needs as oppoosed to cost.

Web-Based Console

ATS comes with a web-based interface for viewing assets tracks and trip logs.

Web Service API’s
ATS also exposes API’s for developers to extract data from it.  This feature can be used if additional and proprietary reports have to be generated out of ATS’ raw data.

Globe and SMART support
Currently ATS supports both companies as communication carriers.  Enroll in a packet-based billing plan as opposed to a time-based billing plan.


Temperature Logging
ATS supports temperature logging devices.

Door and engine Sensors
ATS supports door and engine sensors.

Source of Tracking Devices
Our clients can opt for their own tracking devices from their own vendors.
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