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7-11 versus Mini-Stop in Makati, who is winning?


It is interesting to see how 7-11 and Mini Stop compete for convenience store retail space.  The 7-11 stores are represented by the green stars and the Mini Stop stores are with the red circles.  The bigger circles around both their branches are 50 meter buffers.


Some of the branches are within 100 meters of each other.  



  • How are the branches that are close to each other doing?
  • Are they better off if there’s a large density of competitors?



  • How can we help ensure that our franchisees are successful? 
  • When a consumer steps on a street with various options, is brand recognition important? What would make him go 7-11 or Mini Stop?


Perspective GIS allows a user to see the big picture.  With the example below a sales per annum attached to each point would help the user answer the questions above.


Disclaimer: This is sample data only. Sourced from the public domain.

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