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Perspective Mobile Asset Tracker:


Fuel costs, fleet optimization, maintenance costs, vehicle downtime, these are just some of the challenges facing fleet managers today.

Perspective Mobile Asset Tracker is a vehicle tracking solution that provides information concerning the efficiency and current status of your vehicle. Users interact with the system via a WEB Services application  that allows fleet management staff to monitor vehicle status (engine on/off, idling, speed, fuel levels, location, doors open/closed etc.).  

Benefits include: 

  • Optimization of vehicle use
  • Location management & route planning
  • Monitor the storage condition of goods carried by the vehicle – e.g. cold chain compliance
  • Reduce vehicle and driver downtime
  • Improved driver behavior
  • Proactive preventive maintenance
  • Reduced fuel, maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduction in vehicle insurance premiums
  • Improved customer service
  • Multiple hosting options – client hosted, or hosted in our data center

Perspective Mobile (AT):

The GPS tracking units for Perspective Mobile (AT) come in two types:

  • Permanent – Perspective Mobile (AT-p)
  • Removable – Perspective Mobile (AT-r)

In terms of how the different devices interact with Perspective Mobile (AT) Server, the devices are identical.

Perspective Mobile (AT-p):

This device is designed to be permanently installed in the vehicle, with connections for external GPS and GSM antennae. The device has its own internal battery, but is designed to be wired permanently into the vehicle’s electrical system.

Perspective Mobile (AT-p) is intended for long term installation in the clients own vehicles.

Perspective Mobile (AT-r): this version of the device is completely self contained, and requires no installation.  It comes with its own internal battery that is capable of running for up to 15 days without recharging.  The device has internal antennae for GPS and GSM.  Recharging uses a charger that takes power from the vehicles cigarette lighter socket. 

Perspective Mobile (AT-r) is intended for vehicles that only require tracking on a temporary basis.

Perspective Mobile AT (Asset and Vehicle Tracking) provides the infrastructure to track mobile assets using GPS devices.  The assets can be vehicles, plant  and equipment or personnel - in summary, any mobile asset can be tracked using Perspective Mobile.

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Perspective Mobile comes complete with digital (GPS correct) maps of the entire country, including major roads nationwide, down to tertiary level roads for NCR, Rizal, Cavite, Pampanga, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and many other cities in the Philippines.

GPRS / UDP Based Communications
Perspective Mobile uses GPRS/UDP protocol for light-weight communications (31 Bytes) per message. 

Higher fixing frequency
Perspective Mobile uses very light weight packets, the frequency of position fixes can now be a decision based on operational needs as opposed to cost.

Web-Based Console
Perspective Mobile comes with a web-based interface for viewing assets tracks and trip logs.

Web Service API’s
Perspective Mobile exposes API’s, allowing developers to extract data for integration with other corporate applications.  This feature can be used if additional and proprietary reports have to be generated from the raw data produced by Perspective Mobile.

Globe and SMART support
Currently Perspective Mobile supports both major carriers.  Enroll in a packet-based billing plan as opposed to a time-based billing plan.


Perspective Mobile supports
  • Temperature logging for cold chain compliance
  • Door and engine Sensors
  • Vehicle immobilization
  • Panic button
  • Clients can opt for their own tracking devices from other vendors, however this may require integration/development work and thus additional charges may apply
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