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GPS Mapping Projection in the Philippines

Why use the World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS 84) as your default mapping projection?

The WGS 84 mapping projection is perfect for professionals who are tasked to develop GIS base maps for their municipalities and local government unit (LGU).

Top Benefits of the WGS 84

1. Consistency of data – means you’ll never have to convert GIS files again!

Consider this situation as an example;

As a GIS analyst for the municipality of Carmen, Davao Del Norte which is bordered by Tagum City, Davao Del Norte.   You develop your own base maps for streets and other layers.

At a later date, both municipalities want to share base maps and the Tagum City GIS operators used a different projection.  This means your GIS files will not match.

You would have to go through a series of conversions and if you are extremely lucky, you might be able to reference and stitch the maps together.

Unfortunately this situation is currently prevalent with the Local Government Units (LGU’s) of the Philippines.

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2. Equipment Compatibility

WGS 84 is the standard being used by commercially available GPS equipment in the Philippines.

If you want to capture points of interests (POI’s) for your municipality such business establishments or maybe tax mapping objects, you can simply purchase an off-the-shelf GPS device and device’s output would fit WGS 84 base maps.

3. Sharing Your Municipality’s Data with the World

Other stakeholders might have a need for your municipal data.  With WGS 84, sharing data is as easy as sending the file.

The most common one would be tourism based stakeholders, some websites offer free searches of POI data for hotels, malls, restaurants and resorts.  If you have WGS 84 data you can share your municipality’s offerings to the world.

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