Today is Tuesday, 15th February 2011

Choosing Between In-Dash GPS Navigation or Portable GPS Navigation Devices

At the end of the day it all boils down to personal choice.  However, these are the things we found out while using / testing various GPS navigation devices.

Category In-Dash Portable (Stand Alone)
Acquisition Cost High

Maybe free for new cars

Map Upgrade Cost High Low
Map upgrade complexity Complex Simple in most cases
Portability 1 Car only



Multiple Cars (coding cars)

Used for walking

Device Security Difficult to steal Easy to steal
Mounting Clean / In-Dash Messy, wiring is all over the place
View Difficult, too low, really depends on vehicle it’s installed on. Configurable / Movable

Garmin NUVI 260W & Garmin Compatible Philippine Maps

Choosing a brand for GPS Navigation

Garmin is still the best brand out there, simply because there is an open source community for maps, if you can’t afford commercial ones or simply do not want to pay for it.

It has proven to be tough even in warmer climates like the Philippines.  There are cheap models you can get from Amazon, ebay or Walmart. Just get the balikbayan relatives or friends to ship it to you.  Better yet, get them from the local malls.

Paperless Trail Inc., a Philippines based system integrator/application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS applications and document imaging, has developed detailed and GPS-accurate maps of the Philippines that include all the major roads, landmarks, and many other points of interest (POI) that will help to guide you when you commute or drive through Manila, Davao, Pampanga, or any other part of the country you find yourself in.

Paperless Trail Garmin Compatible Philippine GPS maps features 10,000 points of interest and free map upgrades for  12 months.

Perspective GIS and Perspective Mobile are products of Paperless Trail Inc.

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