Today is Tuesday, 15th February 2011

Navigate to the Carlos Celdran Tours Office

We have added the Carlos Celdran tours office into our maps, so Filipinos, balikbayans and our foreign visitors can find it.

We have two waypoints:

  • Carlos Celdran Booking office (with phone numbers on the favorites)
  • Carlos Celdran Parking (this is for the intramuros tour)

Every Filipino should get to experience this.  It is an eye opener considering what we were taught at school.

Tour Highlights

  • Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and American influences
  • What culture?
  • Chocnut
  • Why there were no Spanish women in the Philippines during the Spanish era
  • Father Damaso, the R.H. bill and the impact on the tour
  • World War 2 Bombs

Filed: Map Release 1.11

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  1.   boobert   |  Thursday, 27 January 2011 at 7:48 am

    Thanks! very useful… now I can find it using my garmin. you should add more of these

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