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GPS Tracker Leads Police to the Hijackers

Most of us have heard about GPS tracking devices, and many car owners have them installed in their cars. But guess what, the police and other law enforcement agencies have also been using GPS devices and they are not only using it to navigate around town. Today, tracking down bad guys seems easier with the help of Technology. the ready availability and increasing affordability of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices allow law enforcement officials to efficiently, accurately and safely track the movement of vehicles.

Recently policemen had arrested four men for hijacking delivery vehicles carrying Colgate toothpaste and Palmolive shampoo products. They were tracked down through the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker installed on the hijacked vehicles. Read full article

The Philippine Police force made use of the same GPS device, technology and service that Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI) provides today.

PTI’s Perspective Mobile Asset Tracker is a GPS based vehicle tracking and monitoring solution that gives you the ability to monitor and track the status of your vehicle and your personnel (drivers) wherever they are and whenever you want.

Asset Tracker allows fleet management staff to monitor vehicle statuses:

  • Is the engine on/off?
  • Is the vehicle idling?
  • What is the speed of the vehicle?
  • Fuel levels
  • Current location
  • Are the vehicle doors open/closed?

Get regular and timely status updates of your vehicle location, its whereabouts, and if it’s being used. With Perspective Mobile Asset Tracker, you are able to optimize vehicle use, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and optimize fleet management.

Protect your property and your livelihood from vehicle theft, kidnapping and other crimes.

Get more information about Asset Tracker.

Paperless Trail Inc is a Philippines based system integrator/application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS/GPS applications, document management, and document imaging.

Paperless Trail Announces 2012 Q2 Release for Philippine GPS Maps

The latest update for the Philippine GPS Maps include new points of interests, details on municipal and barangay boundaries, major and minor streets in key areas, and supplementary layers for waterways.

MAKATI, PHILIPPINES, August 15, 2012 – Paperless Trail Inc (PTI), recently announced the 2012 Q2 release of updates for the company’s detailed Garmin compatible Philippine GPS Maps.

PTI has developed complete GPS maps of the Philippines to support its various mapping products and services, including support for Garmin navigation devices. The maps feature detailed coverage from regional down to street level, and include all major roads, toll ways, national highways, and ferry routes.

With nationwide coverage, the Philippine GPS maps have data on key cities all over the country including NCR, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Baguio, Clark Pampanga, Subic, Iloilo, Bacolod and General Santos. The maps contain more than 68,789 Points of Interest (POIs) including convenience stores, shopping malls, gas stations, restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels and more.

The latest update will feature street updates for Imus Cavite, Isabela and Marinduque. The GPS Philippines Maps feature details which includes major, secondary and tertiary roads. The updates also contain 37,000 new points of interest. With more than 115,800 kms of roads nationwide, PTI’s Garmin compatible maps will be able to guide travelers from Laoag to Davao, from Makati to Baguio and never get lost again.

About Paperless Trail Inc.
Founded in 2003, Paperless Trail is a systems integrator and applications developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS (geographic information systems) applications, document management and imaging solutions, business intelligence solutions, and software application s & product development. The company has created Location Intelligence solutions for multiple industries including FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), healthcare, pharmaceutical, fast food franchising, banking and finance; and for many companies including Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, and Bancnet.

For more information, please visit their website at

Paperless Trail, along with Imaginet International and The Northern Office, is a member of Quadra Alliance – the premier full service IT solutions provider in the Philippines.

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    Asset Tracking: Enhancing Inventory Management and Business Processes

    For most businesses that carry or offer products, inventory keeping is an essential business process that must be accurate and consistent. Inventory Management is all about keeping track of your products, their status, quantity, and even their location. Any error in the inventory can mean over-production or on the other hand, create shortages and greater costs to a business. Since it is critical for your business to get this information correct and exact, there are many solutions available that help verify and keep track of your assets.

    A good example of an IT based solution that benefits inventory management is Asset Tracking. As a location intelligence solution, Asset Tracking is extremely useful when you are keeping track of all your inventory and trying to locate all of your assets using different means like the barcode or tracking the location on delivery trucks when distributing products to different stores, using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

    Asset Tracking also features many other benefits that complements not only inventory management, but also other business aspects including delivery route planning, real time, vehicle tracking, monitoring the storage condition of goods carried by the vehicle (e.g. cold chain compliance), reduce vehicle maintenance costs, and improve driver behavior and customer service.

    Paperless Trail Inc. provides Asset Tracker – a vehicle tracking and monitoring solution that provides information concerning the efficiency and currents status of a vehicle or asset. Users can interact with the system via a web services application that allows fleet management staff to monitor vehicle status (engine on/off, idling, speed, fuel levels, location, door open/closed etc.)

    Click here to inquire about Asset Tracker

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      Garmin Compatible Maps Latest Update

      Garmin Compatible Maps Latest Update

      What’s New

      This release of Paperless Trail’s GPS navigation maps includes updates made from August to December 2011. Areas covered by the streets and point of interest updates are summarized below.

      POI Updates

      Streets Updates


      Coffee Shops



      79,000 Points of Interest

      104,000 KMS of Roads Nationwide

      Compostela Valley (NEW)

      Misamis Occidental (NEW)

      Marinduque (NEW)

      Sorsogon (NEW)

      Surigao Del Norte (NEW)

      Catanduanes (NEW)

      Taguig City


      Misamis Oriental

      Find out how to promote your brand for FREE,


      Pam Castaneda at +63.908.894.4730

      or visit our website.

      ©2003-2012, Paperless Trail, Inc. All rights reserved.

      Garmin is registered trademark of Garmin International, Inc.

      All other marks are property of their respective owners.

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        Writing Proper Philippine Addresses

        Streets in the PhilippinesIntroduction
        Since we could not find any online documentation for writing proper address information in the Philippines, we decided to create one.

        In coming up with this protocol, we had to consider a number of issues, like not having specific house numbers; inconsistent conventions; poorly sourced conventional wisdom ; living in the provinces and generally not knowing your own barangay or postal code and let us not forget to add “not having visible street signs”.

        So for lack any government guidance here it is.


        <Unit No> < Building Name>  or  <Lot No / Block No>
        <House No> <Street Name>
        <Village/Subdivision>  or  <Postal Code Name>  or  <Purok Name>
        <Barangay Name> < Postal Code> <City/Municipality Name>
        <Province>, <Country>

        The protocol starts in reverse order with the largest parcel which is the country, followed by smaller parcels city, municipality and so on, In effect drilling down to a specific location.

        Some Examples

        Building Based Address

        Juan Dela Cruz
        Unit 21 Greenbelt  Residences
        37 Esperanza Street
        Greenbelt, Makati 1228
        Barangay San Lorenzo
        Metro Manila, Philippines

        Village Based Address

        Juan Dela Cruz
        11 Main Avenue
        Merville Park Subdivision
        Barangay Merville 1706 Paranaque City
        Metro Manila, Philippines

        Provincial Address

        Juan Dela Cruz
        Purok 4
        Barangay Canitu-an 1610 Kalilangan
        Bukidnon, Philippines

        Village Based Address (Lot Block)

        Juan Dela Cruz
        Lot 4, Block 6
        President Roxas Street
        South Admiral Village
        Barangay Merville 1709 Paranaque City
        Metro Manila, Philippines

        The Odd Balls
        No one quite knows whether this is a political block or a geographical block? But it seems in the provinces purok is a way to find a person’s location.

        <Postal Code Name>
        The Philippine postal office attaches description(s) or name(s) to a postal code.

        The conventions are confusing, it is not a barangay.  It does seem to be a village name (e.g. Merville, Greenhills) or a popular locality name (e.g. Binondo, Malate) when in metro manila, and it takes the municipality name when outside of Metro Manila.

        This might be because of population size considerations however it causes location finding issues when used for large municipalities such as Davao City which carries a single postal code of 8000.  It may be that the postal office is extremely slow to react (similar to their mail services) to population changes, hence Davao with a population of more than a million is still a single postal code.

        <Lot No / Block No>
        This is the most annoying of all, we cannot route to a location with this information!  It is impossible to do with Navigation Software.  If we understand this correctly, this identifier is meant to be used by property developers to sell lots.

        Process Ownership

        If anyone from the Philippine Government reads this kindly send us an email and tell us who is supposed to be responsible for assigning addresses and postal codes?

        We might even help you do this pro-bono.

        Perspective GIS and Perspective Mobile are products of Paperless Trail Inc.

        Paperless Trail Inc (PTI) is a Philippine based system integrator and applications developer specializing in fields such as digital mapping, GIS/GPS applications, document management and document imaging.

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