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Business Mapper Philippines Overview

Business Mapper is a location intelligence tool which uses a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) interface.


Business Mapper provides organizations with GIS based data and mapping tools that allow them to harness the power of location intelligence.

Visualize your company's customers (location, density, etc.), saturation, supply chains and other location sensitive operations, such as;

  • Branch Planning or Franchise Location Planning
  • Customer Mapping
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Crisis and Emergency Responses
  • Proposed Projects and Sites
  • Asset Mapping

Business Mapper comes with preloaded GPS maps of the Philippines.




Linking Capability
You can attach/link other files (such as images, documents, PDFs, powerpoint and flash presentations) to the points plotted on the maps. Webpages can also be viewed at the same time.



Create Custom Site Layers

Create and add as many layers as you need - layers such as customers, suppliers, assets, projects, distribution hubs, competition, and complementary businesses.



User-Defined Buffers Around Sites

Use Buffers to visualize coverage and proximity to or from other relevant points of interest such as: competitors locations; emergency services or facilities; your service center or distribution hub etc..  This facility can be of great value to retailers, delivery services, and emergency response teams.



Create Demographic Themes

Selecting the location for a new site is easier with demographic information at your fingertips.  Business Mapper can create color ranges for population counts by Region, Province, Municipality, and Barangay boundaries.




Location and Vicinity Maps

Creating vicinity maps to help your customers find your business is easy with Business Mapper.  You can use custom icons to represent branches and business locations.




Plot and Share

You can share layers with other users of Business Mapper..




Account Universe

With Business Mapper you can create a map of target customers.

Imagine the value of this to a sales manager – where are all my possible customers, and which ones have I sold to this month/quarter/year.



You can plot your wholesalers, your retail outlets, pharmacies, hospitals and any other relevant points of interest.