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Perspective Mobile FAQs


How can Perspective Mobile Asset Tracker (AT) help our business?
Perspective Mobile (AT) can help you in many ways;
  • Distribution Analysis - Perspective Mobile (AT) can help you understand your distribution coverage.
  • Behavioral Analysis - Perspective Mobile (AT) can help you understand your drivers behavior
  • Routing - can help you understand trip efficiencies
Perspective Mobile – Asset Tracker observes, monitors and manages all your location intelligence and GPS needs. You are now able to keep an eye on your family, your vehicles and your other assets 24/7
What makes Perspective Mobile (AT) different from other Tracking Services?
Perspective Mobile (AT) is provided as a turn-key solution, with your own servers and bandwidth.
Can we source our own tracking devices?
Yes you can source your own tracking units as long as it complies with the system requirements.
What does communication frequency mean?
Communication Frequency is the rate at which the mobile devices send its position to the server. This is an important consideration because the ideal rate should be every five minutes. Most tracking systems cut this down due to the high cost of communications especially when it is SMS based.
Perspective Mobile (AT) uses GPRS so this can save a lot and therefore allowing its users to have more frequent sends.
What other benefits can I get from Perspective Mobile (AT)?
  • Security - you always know where your assets are
  • Driver Behavior Correction – you can correct erring drivers
  • Study Delivery Times – With Perspective Mobile (AT) you can see how long it takes to do a delivery per account.