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Philippine GIS GPS Vector Maps


The Philippine maps in GIS / GPS vector formats are the base maps that Paperless Trail Inc - System Integrator and Applications Developer in the Philippines, developed to support its own GPS products and services; Perspective GIS, Perspective Mobile and the digital mapping services. These vector maps were produced from several years of vector data gathering and map processing using various GIS methods, majority of which are from GPS devices.


Philippine maps FEATURES

  • Quarterly-updates
  • Detailed coverage (from regional down to street level)
  • GPS streets maps covering the whole country and with more detailed features on major cities and municipalities
  • Building maps of key cities, particularly Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao (GPS Data for Manila, Cebu and more)
  • Extensive Points-of-Interest data (on different terms and available upon subscription of the Perspective GIS)
  • Additional maps available, such as Metro Manila waterways, railway system and traffic maps.


mapping service COVERAGE

GPS Boundary maps

Luzon Boundary Map
Visayas Boundary Map
Mindanao Boundary Map
NCR Boundary Map

GPS Street maps

Detailed Streets
Routable Maps
NCR Street Map
Cebu Street Map
Davao Street Map
Iloilo Street Map
Bacolod Street Map
Cagayan de Oro Street Map
Angeles Street Map
General Santos Street Map
Zamboanga Street Map
Baguio Street Map

GPS Building maps

Detailed Streets
NCR Building Map
Cebu Building Map
Davao Building Map
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