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Tactical Mapping FAQs

What is the Tactical Mapping Service?
The Tactical Mapping Service is an outsourced Thematic Mapping Service.

We have the software, experience and technology to represent business performance on maps, but instead of selling the software (Perspective-GIS) to our customers, we are offering the equivalent output as a service.

The service simplifies and expedites the business thematic output for our clients.

Do you still offer the software?
Yes, Perspective GIS is still available to our clients who chose to do it internally.

What are the benefits of the service?

  • Simplicity – Our customers can concentrate on core-business activities.
  • No capital expenditures required
  • No added man-power and specialization – GIS is a highly specialized field, it takes a while for a GIS Specialist to understand business reporting requirements.  With the service customers don’t need to develop this competency.
  • No need for integration work
  • Faster Implementation Time – With the service, access to the required output is faster.  Our GIS Specialist are already experienced, trained and equipped with the proper equipment.

What is Business Thematics?
It is a visual representation of general business metrics.  For example sales versus forecasts, Business thematics can express the numbers on the columns and rows into a thematic Map, which makes it easier for users to digest.

Some examples of Business Thematics;

  • Sales vs. Forecast
  • Customer Classifications vs. Sales
  • Collections
  • Marketing Campaigns vs. Sales

What is the estimated lead time  for the first output?

Three weeks for;

  • 6000 Customers
  • 30 Distribution Centers
  • Sales Data in CSV, Excel or an exported database table
  • Forecast Data in CSV, Excel or an exported database table

What is the estimated lead time  for the succeeding outputs?

  • 3 – 7 days (Depending on the customer updates, additions and deletions)


How can I ensure confidentiality of information?

  • Notarized Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – A notarized NDA by a prestigious law firm is required for the service, both for our customer’s data and for our Maps.
  • Data Destruction Audit – Customers can audit data destruction if required.
  • Track Record – We have a long track record for dealing with confidential information from the mining industry (tenements and assays) down to banking (transactions amounts and volumes).
  • NDA Seminars – All Paperless Trail employees undergo seminars dealing with confidentiality agreements and have signed NDA’s as well.