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Tactical Mapping Overview

Tactical Mapping Service is a fully outsourced thematic map development provided by Paperless Trail - a Philippines based System Integrator and Applications.

Simply submit the data you want us to map out and we will render it for you; monthly or quarterly.

Choose from a variety of default maps or define your own.

  • Sales Analysis (Growth, Sales Vs Forecast)
  • Customer and POI Mapping
  • Account Census vs. Active Accounts
  • Sales Per capita

Paperless trail’s tactical mapping service is designed for clients/corporations that understand the benefits of using location intelligence tools to help them better understand their sales data. 


Business Performance in one Glance
Our Iconized thematic maps make it easier for CEOs, Marketing and Sales Managers to visualize business performance saving time and effort.  Spotting exceptions has never been easier.

Thematic mapping can tell a story that is simply impossible with spreadsheets.

Philippine GPS Grade / GIS Vector Maps

Included in the maintenance package is an update for GPS maps of the entire country which includes detailed roads for NCR, Rizal, Cavite, Pampanga, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and other major cities in the Philippines.

With GPS maps, our customers can have data captured by GPS devices rendered on a map.

Get Results Fast
No need for complex installations, servers or software.

Outsourced Service
By outsourcing, your company can focus on core competencies and business objectives, and not be bogged down by technical issues.


Flexible Plans
Customers have the option to subscribe to a monthly or quarterly update plan.

Option for hardcopies or PDF
Customers can have the thematic maps printed in A0 paper or receive the maps in PDF format


  •   Enlist
  •   Sign and notarize a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  •   Send Customer Info or other points of interest
  •   Send Sample Data (sales or others)
  •   Proof read Output and approve
  •   Select option to print
  •   We send CD’s and printed copies
  •   Repeat submissions on cycles (monthly or quarterly)
    • Submit updated data
    • Submit customer info changes
    • Submit POI changes